Fully Processed 223/5.56
Fully Processed 223/5.56
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Fully Processed 223/5.56

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******UPDATE 7/10/21*****
Quantities in stock will ship within 2 business days


This brass has been fully processed, we do the hard work so you don't have to. All of our rifle brass is machine sorted, hand inspected then run through our brass prep process.


---Mixed headstamp, will include nickel case---

-Wet tumbled

-Final inspection before prep


-Checked for ringers and damaged primer pockets

-Trimmed to 1.745+- .003 NOTE: Some manufacturers (i.e. Hornady) brass is shorter than our trim length

-Full length resized

-Primer pocket swaged

-Expander mandrel sets neck tension and removes inside neck burr

-Wet tumbled in chip media

-Dry polished to prevent tarnish and give uniform appearance


                *************THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION*************

You as the reloader are responsible to check all cases before loading. We include extra cases in every order to account for any defects or issues that may arise. Reloading can be dangerous even when using published load data and should be approached with the utmost caution. Mobius Brass will not be held responsible for any injury, harm or death resulting from improper loads, lack of attention or negligence, or any combination of these. It is the ultimate responsibility of the end user to confirm and test every load that goes through their gun.

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